Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

At a lot of gyms, they may give you an induction; show you how to use the cardio machines but only point towards the free weight area without any instruction on how to use them in a suitable manner. We teach the correct techniques and the vast range of exercises and training methods that guarantee results. We show you how to exercise in a simple, safe and productive manner with the aim to improve your strength, fitness, overall well-being or any goal other goal you may have.

Does your approach include lifting weights?

Yes but it is not limited to this. Our approach involves weights, your own bodyweight and cardiovascular exercise when necessary.

Will I put on weight/size?

This is a popular misconception. If your goal in training is to increase muscle tissue, training will be specifically tailored towards this. However if your goal is to improve muscle tone, become leaner and look and feel better, our methodology is perfect for this!

I feel it’s daunting walking into a gym when I don’t feel like I am in very good shape, is Simply Strength right for me?

Simply Strength is for everyone! We offer a supportive environment irrespective of ability, experience or age.

Do you offer group training sessions and well as one to one sessions?

Yes. We have many options available for group training sessions. They are perfect for those who are looking to spend less and have the company and accountability of others helping them along the way. You can either organise a group of friends yourself or be put on a waiting list and a group will be put together for you!